Window Services


There are so many choices when it comes to the type of windows you can have installed in your home. The right fit can immediately enhance the curbside appeal of your property. The aid of a professional window installation and replacement contracting service is an important part of helping you making the right choice for your budget, your needs and the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Window Installation


Whether you want to replace your shabby old windows or are looking to install new ones, you’ll find that quality window installation can do so much for the beautification and comfort of your home.

Additionally, new windows instantly add value to any property when installed by professionals. They also make your home more enjoyable by ensuring that your indoor temperature stays nice and comfortable. If you are on the fence as it relates to new window installation, the following list may be of help to you:

  • Energy Efficient Home – Your thermostat and AC unit can only do so much when it is hot outside. Hiring a professional to install new windows can ensure that the cool air stays sealed within your home, helping you cut back on utility bills. Likewise, during the winter properly installed windows can help keep the warm air inside, allowing you to use your central heating sparingly.
  • Reduces Noise Pollution – If you live in a high occupancy setting, you may be surprised to experience the soundproofing that accompanies modern windows. A high quality double paned window can keep up to 80% of outside noise from reaching the rooms of your home.
  • Near Limitless Customization Options – Nowadays you can achieve any look you have in mind through professional window installation. No matter your home’s style, windows and casings can be customized to your particular tastes.

The bottom line is that so long as you choose a reputable window installer, it’s hard to go wrong when replacing your old windows. Your home will look better; you save on the monthly utilities, and can express your unique style with all of the great window options that are available to you.

Window Repair in Mendon


One more thing—we also repair windows. For instance, if an errant baseball flies through your window, you can call us to replace the glass – while leaving the rest of your window intact. Alternatively, if you have a window that won’t stay up or that leaks air, we take care of these issues, as well.

Types of Windows We Install


By now, you may be asking yourself what kind of windows we can install in your home. There are multiple options. In fact, there are enough to overwhelm even the most informed homeowner. However, here is a brief list to give you a general idea of what we can do:

  • Casement Windows – Casement style windows lend a classic look to any home they adorn. They open outward and allow for maximum airflow which is ideal if you love to feel the fresh breeze in your living spaces.
  • Bay Windows – This style is great for letting natural light into a large room. Usually, residents opt to have bay windows installed in kitchens and family rooms as these are the areas in a home that require the most lighting.
  • Slider Windows – These are possibly the most common types of windows because they are convenient, require little maintenance and are durable.

It never hurts to consult your contractor for further insight into the type of windows you have in mind. After all, the right window can be a worthwhile investment into the overall quality of your home.

This is only a small sample of the window styles that we install at Real Life Roofers. You can count on Real Life Roofers for sound advice and of course, premium installations. We also offer window repair services so call us today for all of your window needs.

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